Happy Graphics for Live Broadcasts and Corporate Presentations

When it comes to designing graphics for television, we can relate to Steve Jobs words as we know that designing a solution needs buy-in from all stakeholders - producers, managers, operators, technical and safety representatives.

Everything we do is a process so if we invest in the best processes, the output we give you will be great and we hope to have Happy Clients everyday in every project.

One size does not fit all. We don't say its an expensive Viz character generator for every job. We work with you to agree the best solution for your project.

The unique way the company is setup creates an amazing group of resources for you to use. Award winning creative designers without the crazy design house costs. Software developed by leading software house staff based in the UK. Creative operators who can offer you far more than traditional button pressers. Why not throw in App development at affordable rates that run on more than just iPhones.

Drop us a line, give us a bell. We'd be happy to talk!

Graphics Projects can be light entertainment, sport, outside broadcast, studio or venue graphics - you name it, we will make it a Happy Project for you... If you need a solution for Skype insert in your production or full graphics services, we can supply the systems... Have you got 3 expensive graphics systems and 5 staff to service whats needed for the show and wondering if there is a better way of working... Once upon a time we all needed a website. Been there. Done that. Now we are all thinking about an App but put off having one for various reasons.